Sigmund Software

Sigmund utilises a number of advanced geometrical algorithms to provide precise, repeatable measurements. The software is structured in the following way:

Sigmund Control Panel (SCP)

This is an intuitive application that runs on a PC and provides the ability to set measurement types, tolerances and other measurement parameters for your precise application.

Sigmund can be run as standalone unit by the robots or it can also be connected to the factory network to share measurement results and record traceability details.

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Embedded modules

These are at the heart of the Sigmund and run on two embedded processors, and provide the sophistication and flexibility demanded of a versatile measuring instrument. One carries out the control of the optical components, the other deals with the geometrical processing and calibration.

Robot Modules

These modules are principally for communicating with Sigmund and applying offsets if required. They run on the robot in its native language (KRL for Kuka, RAPID for ABB, Karel/TP for Fanuc, VAL for Stäubli, INFORM for Motoman, etc) and are kept simple.