Why Sigmund?

As a manager you are always under pressure to increase speed and quality while keeping costs down. Improvements are only possible on what you can measure within your processes. But to be effective, these measurements need to be continuous – and surely continuous measurement means there is more time involved, and more time equals more costs?

That’s where Adaptive can provide the solution, by providing an effective way of measuring your processes without increasing the costs.


  • First, Quality Managers can improve and protect their PPM, because Sigmund will allow them to stop before a bad part is produced. It also improves traceability as it records the jig or fixture that has just been produced.
  • Second, Maintenance Managers can use Sigmund to reduce or prove down time and will experience improved confidence in equipment and personnel figures.

Businesses need to look to the future and plan ahead in order to meet demands for expansion, development and improvement. But what if you want to plan for the future and long-term improvement without spending in the short term? That’s where Adaptive and Sigmund can offer a solution.