Improved Process Stability

Situation: During the course of a day the part quality would start to deteriorate, so the maintaince would spend time looking for the problem or adjusting the robot program.
Problem: The tip change procedure was incorrect.
Solution: We installed one Sigmund which logged the torch position after every part produced. After analysing this data we established there was a minor torch deviation after every tip change. So we implemented a new tip change procedure. Resulting in a sudden increase in part quality and quantity.

Potential Savings - Example 4
Average parts produced across 6 robots per shift before installing Sigmund without requiring rework. 850
Average parts produces across 6 robots after implenting the new tip change procedure without requiring rework. 973
Average improvement ((100 % / 850) x 973) 14 %

The saving do not take into account any of the other adavantages gained from analyzing the real time data produced.

For example: Every measurement is time stamped, so you can gain information about how many parts are produced an hour.