Shroud Detection

Situation: Serveral parts produced with porous welds before detection.
Problem: The shroud was falling off after a torch clean.
Solution: Installed one Sigmund that checked that the shroud is present after every torch clean (torch position checked as usual). This resulted in no parts being produced with the shroud missing.

Potential Savings - Example 3
Frequency of problem due shroud missing. (3 times a week) x3
Average parts produced before detection. (parts placed directly into storage buffer)
Rework costs per part. (£13 /h labour + floor space, power, consumables and material handling; 20 minutes per part) £7
Per working year. (4 weeks shut down) x48 £6,048
Total cost over 2 years. x2 £12,096

The saving does not take into account the cost savings of using push on shrouds which are considerably cheaper than the srew on alternatives.