Production Start Up

Situation: Production figures low at the start of every shift.
Problem: Slow manual shift start up machine acceptance procedure, requiring manual torch to pointer checks.
Solution: Installed one Sigmund which measured the torch at the start of every shift resulting in increased OEE and no longer requiring a skilled operator to start up machines.

Potential Saving - Example 2
Frequency of start up check. (equipment checked at the start of every shift)
Average time taken for start up check and machine log completion. (5 minutes per machine)
Lost revenue per part not produced. (£1.00 each)
£1 £15
Total cost due to manual start up procedure. (Running 5-day week)
x5 £75
Cost per working year. (4 week shut down)
x48 £3,600
Total cost over 2 years. x2 £7,200

5 minute machine acceptance carried out at the start of every shift equals:

(100 % / (8 h x 60 min/h)) x 5 min = 1.04 % OEE per shift